2019: Buhari summons APC Governors to raise funds for elections.

President Buhari was quoted as saying he has only been able to raise N47 Billion for the elections, which has since depleted. The President said to close the margin of what appears to be a surging PDP lead, his advisers mentioned he is seeking another N30 Billion to spread across key states. A governor in the meeting suggested that the President should mandate the CBN Governor to release funds under any guise, which was immediately rebuffed as it was raised that the CBN Governor declined, saying he is not comfortable doing so as he doesn’t want to end up in jail. One of the Governors from a South West State said he is surprised that Buhari would attest to have raised N47 Billion and mentioned he is concerned that the money might have come from the Chinese government and wonders what they might have been promised in return.

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