ADP South West Leaders Meet In Ado Ekiti

The leadership of Action Democratic Party (ADP) South West Zone met in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti  State to discuss the progress of the party.


The meeting was declared open by the Zonal Chairman of the party Alhaji Lateef Arowosaye who called on a member to give an opening prayer.


Chieftains and State chairmen of the party were introduced to the participants of the gathering by the deputy National Youth Leader who doubled as South West Youth Leader Mr Soteye.


The meeting was hosted by the state chairman of the party Mr. Kunle Abegunde while an opening remarks was done by Hon Najim Awodele, the Deputy Chairman South who charged members of the party to remain focus because the party has come to change the regular order of how politics is done in the country.


In his speech, the National leader of the party Hon. Najim said, Nigerians are yearning for a party that will truly rescue them from the suffering they are subjected to by the past and current government. He encouraged members to stop seeking for where they will get money in exchange for their political activities, he explained the dangers in seeking for financial gains for political services that if they are not willing to work but want money bags to dictate the tune, they are practocally enslaving themselves.


He said, every financial members of the party are stakeholders because they are also part of the owner of the party.


The host chairman Mr. Kunle Abegunde who in his welcome Addresss highlighted the progress and challenges the party is facing in Ekiti State.


He appreciated the party for the numerous assistance given to the state, ranging from financing the state secretariat, which has enhanced the legitimacy of the party in Ekiti. He said, ADP is fully established in all the 16 Local government in the state.


He however said, the leaders of the party must set all tactics in motion to ensure a good outing in the forthcoming local government election and the July 2018 governorship election, stating that the two parties APC and PDP have so much resources at their disposal, noting that PDP is currently the ruling party while APC would get the support of the government at the center.


He assured Zonal leaders of the party that ADP will emerge stronger in the state. Stating that all the state officers of the party are on their toes working assiduously mobilizing members across all local government in the state, he said ADP campaign materials are becoming visible in all the 16 local government in the state.


The South West Zonal Chairman of the party, Alhaji Lateef Arowosaye welcome members from Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ekiti and Ogun State. In his address he said ADP has come to stay in Nigeria noting that South West is critical for the survival of Nigeria’s democracy.


The Zonal Chairman said ADP is the only party that considers masses, and every willing Nigerians. He noted that the party is not being formed by money bags but by all Nigerians who are desirous of real progress of the country. While speaking he posited that one of the reasons for the Ekiti zonal meeting was to make some amendment to the  sharing of zonal offices,12 of them to be occupied by different officers from various state in the Zone.


Alhaji Arowosaye said the party will be built not only with money but with brilliance and intelligence of its members for it to stand the test of time, the party is anchored on principle and pro-people ideology, he also spoke about funding of the party stating that, the party will be funded by all members. Noting that no matter how big or small the financial commitment of members, they will all enjoy same respect and recognition by the party as members, that foundational members who helped to build the party will always be accorded their due rights.


The zonal chairman while speaking, he noted that the party has 20% allocation for the youths and 20% for the women in all positions,  he said they are also allowed to contest even in the remaining 60% slot.


He explained the importance of having a membership card of the party stating  that their card aside from legitimizing their membership, that it is also useful for future purposes when the party have the need to empower or for other benefits that may be available in the party.


On the Ekiti and Osun governorship elections, the Zonal Chairman said the party at national and zonal level are already working hard to ensure good outing in those states , he said funds will be raised to support the two states, and 2 buses will be sent to each of the State.


Alhaji Lateef said all states will be given 2 branded buses each for a start, while more publicity items will still be sent across.


State chairmen were called to give progress report from their various states.


Osun state chairman Hon Akinola announced that they have gotten a state secretariat noting that massive membership drive is ongoing, he said one of the criteria used to admit new members is their valid voters card, he implored other states to adopt same method stressing that no matter the crowd, if they don’t have a valid voters card, it’s an effort in futility.


Osun state is targeting 200,000 active members with valid voters card, he said the 200k members can easily introduce another.


Ogun State Chairman Chief Egunleti said the state now has its state headquarters, that they are embarking on inauguration of local government excos who will also work to organize the ward excos. The chairman said, ADP is fully activated in a the 20 local government of the State.


Ondo State Chairman Prince Adesida said that ADP is now in  all the 3 senatorial distric of the State.


Oyo State Chairman Hon Folaranmi said the party is waxing stronger in the state, he said Oyo state indigenes and residents are excited that a new party who is preaching pro-people ideology has come to the state.


Lagos State Chairman Barrister Nasir Adewale Bolaji said the party in Lagos will lead by example as Lagos is the center of the battle, noting that In the next few weeks, ADP Lagos will shake Nigeria and the impact will be felt in all the States nationwide.


The meeting ended with a closing prayer after a closing remarks from the Zonal Chairman, Alhaji Arowosaye.


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