Who Is Afraid Of Deji Adeyanju? by @Rolex7Michael


Has the military taking over? Have they? Did I not get the memo? Nigerians had this type of political hunting when the military junta held sway. A terrible situation where freedom of speech is caged and anyone who dare speak against the power bloc is arrested, molested and thrown in jail. Very ridiculous charges will even be cited as a means of “justifying” their anti-human actions. Are those times not long gone? Really?

It is very obvious that some persons desperately want Deji Adeyanju silenced and out of circulation. The drama of his arrest, trumped up ridiculous charges and re-arrest has left a lot to be desired. Recently, Deji Adeyanju was arrested along side two other comrades for engaging in peaceful demonstration, an activity backed by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended. The activities of the demonstration was geared towards ensuring and sensitization on the need for our security architectures to be bipartisan, particularly as the election year approaches.

They were arrested in Abuja but charged to court in Nassarawa state. Having filed for bail application and granted, Deji Adeyanju was immediately rearrested from prison and charged to court again! This time around, the charges are funny, ludicrous and embarrassing. As a law abiding citizen, he via his counsel applied for bail and he was granted.

Few days ago, Deji Adeyanju was arrested again. This time around, he has been held for over 5 days, without any charge(s) or any elucidation as to why he is been held unconstitutionally, one is not even clear as to why he was arrested! This scripts is obvious and poorly planned. This further proves that some people really want Deji Adeyanju silenced.

Deji was first arrested on the 28th November 2018 and was charged with very frivolous multiple charges. He was released on bail on the 6th December after spending 8 days in custody. It is quite unfortunate that we have a police force that has vowed to remain divorced from best practices and internationally known professional ethics. I am appalled by the feelers emanating from the authorities that Deji Adeyanju’s recent arrest is connected to a murder case in which he was discharged and acquitted by a court of law with competent jurisdictions, nearly 10 years ago! Basic law ethics, a prosecution is mandated by law to file an appeal to a case in a period of between 45 to 60 days. No appeal was filed, anywhere, during the window period permitted by law. What this translates to is that the prosecuting attorney is quite satisfied with the pronouncement of the court and has no legal grounds to fault the decision of the court, in this context.

Methinks, it is facical, risible, and absurd for the police to now plot to reopen the case after over 9 years! It doesn’t make sense. However, I do recognize the need for policing in a sane society and criminal element should be brought to book but these must be done in line with international best practices and professionalism. Our institutions must never stoop low to the whims and caprices of anyone or be perceived or act as instruments of vendetta.

Festus Keyamo SAN, the spokesman for the Buhari Presidential campaign, who provided legal representation to Deji Adeyanju in the murder case has publicly told the world that Deji was discharged and acquitted in that case. He even went further by making public the appropriate court papers indicating that.

It is imperative to remind us all that power is transient and quite fluid for that matter. Nigerians have now realized for a fact that this is a clear political witch-hunt backed by very powerful forces who are hellbent on silencing Deji Adeyanju. Or how do we explain the whole clandestine moves of the Nigerian police on the young man? Abi, peaceful demonstration now na crime for 9ja?

I find comfort knowing fully well that Deji Adeyanju will come out of this strong, braver, bolder and more powerful.

Need I remind you, posterity awaits – pretty soon, you all shall reap what you sow!

Again, I ask, who is afraid of Deji Adeyanju?

Oyewole Michael writes from Ado-Ekiti and tweets via @Rolex7Michael

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