An open letter to Mr Godwin Obaseki


Dear Sir,

Compliments of the day,I trust your day is going well and I hope this short letter meets you well too.

Let me go straight to the point Sir.

Edo people appreciate the pressure and wish that they accept the outcome of the 2016 Gubernatorial election and that the PDP accept defeat and in their common term “move on” for the progress of the State even as your election is being contested at the tribunal,I wish to however ask you some questions Sir and I will be very glad if some answers be provided for the questions asked for the sake of informing Edo people all over the world who are just as concerned as I am.

Some of the questions are;

1) Your government has been inaugurated for over a week now and some key appointments made,can the Edo people have an idea of how much money we have in our bank accounts,investments made or fixed assets acquired that your government inherited from your predecessor?


2)We will like to know also the current debt Edo State owes as at today as there are conflicting figures in the print media and of course the social space and as a people,we will like to know exactly what monies were borrowed on our behalf by your predecessors.


In the quarters of our thoughts,these questions may not be far fetched as they may have been captured in the hand over note you received but if they were not,the more worried we are.


There are series of questions that will preceed these but we will wish to have these facts rested as it has become somewhat of a contentious issue when being discussed by Edo people at home and in distant lands.


We(Edo people) will be very grateful if favorable answers to our questions be made available and made public that the people may be informed.Our Joy will know no bounds sir if the Website of the Edo State government is furnished with these information too.


Thank you very much Sir!


Ogbeide Ifaluyi-Isibor

wrote from Abuja

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