APC governorship aspirant in Cross River set to unveil development agenda for the state

APC governorship aspirant in Cross River set to unveil development agenda for the state

An aspirant to the Cross River Government House under the banner of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Mani Robson says he will soon unveil a 4 – point development agenda for the rebirth of the state.
Speaking at a media parley with journalists in Abuja on the side of his far-reaching consultation with the national leadership of the party, Robson said “Cross River is no longer the state of choice for most Nigerians and foreign tourists because of the total breakdown of infrastructure and services for which the state was known. The corollary is that our collective progress has been undermined’’
He said he is running for the governorship position in the next election under the APC to bring what he described as “strategic and sustainable change” through a human-centred approach to governance for the well-being and prosperity of the Cross-River people.
According to Robson, ‘’In recent times, the core infrastructure in the state and the conditions of life of the people have degenerated to a pitiable state.  The entire state is inundated with heart-breaking signs of systems decay and failure of leadership’.
“Calabar used to be the city of choice for most Nigerians because of its clean environment, functional infrastructure and world class cuisine. All that is no more. A government has been responsible for that happening. I am offering myself for service to reclaim our collective heritage from decay and position it for rebirth” he said.
He said his 4 – point agenda to be unveiled soon will remake and bring new life to the state in the areas of economic growth, social and human development, innovative agriculture and security of lives and property.
“Today’s leadership requires innovative thinking; bold, pragmatic and cutting-edge development ideas as well as contemporary intelligence to be able to build and drive a sustainable 21st century economy” he noted.
According to Robson “we must return the state to the position where it can attract international as well as domestic investments but for that to happen, its systems, infrastructure and services industry must also be lifted to a world class standard, this is why I am running for governorship to lead the rebirth revolution in the state”
If elected, he says his focus will be galvanising all the resources in the state for programmed successes and growth. “I will not waste time on what had happened in the past because it will only distract attention from our agenda, four years is our target and it is enough time to achieve all our targets, that will be our focus” he said.
He regretted that youth unemployment and restiveness has remained a social emergency.
“We will be innovative in dealing with this menace. One of the ways we intend to use in dealing with youth unemployment is to encourage and promote volunteerism among our youths to create a platform for our youth to acquire valuable skills to make them employable” he said
Robson said government under his leadership will introduce business innovation facilities through encouraging businesses to adopt inclusive business models to benefit the young people.
“We will encourage access to business grants and facilities to encourage young people to undertake small scale businesses, this will be done in the most organised and strategic manner to ensure that they get good returns on their investment, there will be a lot of capacity building programmes as part of this initiative” he said.

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