Astonishingly, the incumbent governor of Kogi State Alhaji Yahaya Bello, may get Governor Ambode treatment. Who was unable to secure himself APC governorship ticket of Lagos state due to the influenced of godfatherism.

In the case of Bello, it’s not godfatherism, but absolutely rejection of his candidacy by the people of kogi state, the presidency and top players in APC due to his abysmal performance.

Bello, is seriously having a tough time, battling his stand to gain the support of his party and that of president Buhari, to enable him retain the party governorship ticket of kogi state and remain indelible beyond 2020.

As I speak, the credible candidate to fill the highest governmental position in kogi state is yet unknown.
But it’s not certain whether Bello will ever fly the state party ticket and test his popularity in the forthcoming kogi gubernatorial election.
And it isn’t certain whether there is any candidate who have the intention to wrestle the governorship ticket against Bello in the yet unknown date for the APC governorship primaries in the state.

According to information from a reliable source revealed that the party leaders weren’t satisfied with the performance of Bello in kogi state and were not comfortable with the ill news coming from kogi state, that has projected the state to be the worst performing state in Nigeria.

Their fear was that Bello abysmal performance and his refusal to pay workers and and pensioners salary has resulted to outright rejection of Bello candidacy by the entire people of kogi state

Hence, they can not risk the party ticket to Bello, to avoid the party loosing the state to the strong opposition party in the state.

In a clear move to frustrate Bello’s governorship ambition, the powerful APC actors has restricted Bello access from seeing the president. A move that has sent a wrong signal to Bello’s camp and thrown his supporters into the state of discombobulation.

As it stands now, the APC ticket is far from the reach of Bello.
And all the activities of his supporters organizing a factitious decamping ceremony for APC in kogi state was an effort in futility.

It”s obvious that our society has grown from the paleolithic stage to a more complex and civilized stage, where people are more concerned on what is happening in the government and they will never hesitate to speak against poor performance. Such act has exposed the poor performance of Bello’s government to the whole world.

Recently, Bello tries to impressed the people of kogi state in a derisive manner by accepting to pay the new minimum wage, even when we all knew it that inviable states like Kogi who hardly meet up to her financial obligations of salary payment, will never have the ability to pay the new minimum wage.

Such statement by Bello only made mockery of our state and exposed his administration to a litany of woes.

Bello current political travailing was as a result of his poor performance.

The God of the poor workers and pensioners are already fighting their battles.

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