5 DSS operatives helped Nnamdi Kanu to escape to Ghana through Bayelsa waterfront

Sources have confirmed to LeadersNG that the exiled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, which advocates a sovereign state for the Igbo speaking people of Nigeria as well as those from the south-south region of Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu was helped to escape Nigeria about 13 months ago by 5 operatives of Nigeria’s secret Police – The State Security Services and some selected military officers.


A source within the SSS has told LeadersNG that the former DG of the agency coordinated this action to douse the tense security situation in the South East at the time. He source said “The former DG in a detailed security report had advised the president against going after Kanu and members of the IPOB saying it will be counter productive and will draw sympathy to their agitation but some people in the Presidency felt otherwise saying the government needed to show force and crush IPOB. The Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai and the National Security Adviser in particular were the ones that convinced the president for the python dance.”


The source said the former DG had to act at the time to save the situation. He however said he does not know if the president was briefed before Kanu was smuggled out of the country. He said the approach of the SSS on the IPOB issue then was a carrot and stick approach. That the service input was to douse tension in the South east zone which was successful immediate kanu was taken out. He said they initially provided him accommodation in Ghana but he later disappeared.


LeadersNG investigation reveals that the SSS operatives working with some military officers used the Bayelsa waterfront to get Kanu across to Equatorial Guinea and from there took him to Ghana. The source said Nnamdi kanu spent months in Ghana but does not know how he got to Israel. Following the appearance of Nnamdi Kanu in Jerusalem since his mysterious disappearance, the public are now asking questions.


We will be bringing you more updates on this story.

7 Comments on 5 DSS operatives helped Nnamdi Kanu to escape to Ghana through Bayelsa waterfront

  1. Lol. The fear of Nnamdi Kanu is the beginning of realizing their evil did against Biafrans both in 1967-1970. Nnamdi Kanu is here to save you Mr Adeyanji Deji

  2. lie lie lie lie lie lie lie liars, NO Dss had intelligent on how Kanu was evacuated. He said it, IPOB intelligence evacuated him.
    Nigerian system is rotten

  3. We are just seeking for BIAFRA. If the Bible is the Living Word, saying seek and you shall find. Then, GOD RESTORED BIAFRA.

  4. Its a Blatant Lie from the Pit of hell” How can you believe such a story ” A Nigerian Security operatives that didn’t spare Kanu’s female cousin not even his dog Jack was spared Alive ” Talk more of Kanu himself being aided to get to Ghana” Then the murderers now gave him accommodation ” That’s a Very Big Fallacy “.

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