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CNN gets Waiver to Fly Drones over crowds

CNN has won an interesting waiver regarding its commercial drone operating license with the FAA – an exemption that allows it to fly its Vantage Robotics Snap drone over open-air crowds of people at altitudes […]

Liberian election: George Weah in early lead

The results were released by Mr Jerome Korkoya, Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) at the commission’s headquarters in Monrovia. The results of 1,232 polling units or 22.9 per cent of the total 5,390 […]

13 School Children Hospitalised After Acid Spill

Thirteen children were hospitalised on Friday after hydrochloric acid was spilled during a science experiment in a class in an elementary school in Fukuoka, south-western Japan, local media reported on Friday. According to the reports, […]

George Weah leading in Liberian Presidential Polls

Three-time African footballer of the year, George Opong Weah is leading in the Liberian Presidential Polls, according to Reuters. Yesterday, various news outlets on the social media were celebrating Weah’s victory where as, the election […]

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