Cholera outbreak hits war-torn Yemen: UNICEF

War-torn Yemen is suffering from a cholera outbreak, the UN’s children agency said Friday, posing a further threat to infants in the impoverished nation. “This outbreak adds to the misery of millions of children in […]

Putin calls to boost Russia’s defences

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called for a boost of Russia’s defences to keep the nation “strong” as he opened the new parliament session amid a fresh upsurge in tensions with the United States. Putin […]

GOODNEWS: First Person Cured of HIV?

Scientists working on an experimental new therapy say that the HIV virus is completely undetectable in a 44-year-old Englishman’s blood – the first person in history who may be cured of the disease.   The Health Research Office […]

Africa Warring Against Social Media

Rev. Evan Mawarire was a pastor & tired of the mess in Zimbabwe, he posted a video of himself in the national flag on Facebook. Soon, he became one of Zimbabwe’s first social media stars, against […]

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