The dangerous pied piper in Igbo land

At last the governors of the Southeast woke up to the dangers posed by Nnamdi Kanu to the interests of their geo-political zone and the corporate existence of the Nigerian state. He is not just […]

The Python does not dance By Reuben Abati

Operation code-names have been an important part of military operations since the Germans first applied them in World War 1 but it may be said that the recent (or ongoing?) controversial military exercise in the […]

Operation Python Dance can swallow Nigeria!

It is ethnic and religious domination that is at the root of the Nigerian condition and it is mainly a problem of leadership. Apart from Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (ceremonial President of the First Republic) and […]

OPINION: Deathwatch by Sam Omatseye

There is more to the dress rehearsal of Mama Taraba, as some call Aisha Alhassan, when she uttered what others thought was blasphemy. She had just set in motion what may become routine in the […]

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