OPINION | When will Nigerians be angry?

This article was prompted in the main by the cynical and pathetic attitude Nigerian youth have adopted in their response to the grave attenuation of ideals of good governance in recent time, particularly the discovery […]

OPINION | Is corruption the problem with Nigeria?

The very popular opinion is that Nigeria’s greatest challenge is corruption and that when it is effectively checked the nation’s development will progress more rapidly. Indeed the current APC-led Federal Government of President Muhammadu Buhari […]

OPINION | This Awo, when is he coming?

Thirty years after his departure from the terrestrial realm, the mystique of Obafemi Awolowo still endures. On Tuesday, May 9, the faithful gathered at the Ikenne, Ogun State home of the Awolowos, to celebrate the […]

OPINION | Why budgets fail in Nigeria

The 2017 budget passed by the National Assembly has dwarfed the 2016 budget that was thought to be a super budget. That budget of N6.08 trillion has been outstripped by the 2017 appropriation of N7.441 […]

REUBEN ABATI | The First Class degrees galore

The Daily Trust newspaper has published an interesting feature story (May 15), on the sudden surge in the number of First Class degrees being churned out by Nigerian universities. Daily Trust reports that its investigation […]

OPINION | Begging for alms with babies in Lagos

Begging for alms in Lagos and some other cities in Nigeria has assumed a dangerous and inhumane dimension. Some mothers now loan out their babies to ‘professional beggars’ to elicit sympathy from fellow citizens and […]

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