OPINION | For peace and unity

FELLOW Nigerians, there comes a time in a person’s life when he has to reflect internally and evaluate his age and try to approximate how many years are left, given the fact that death is […]

OPINION | On the 2018 population census

The uncertainty over the 2018 population census due to budgetary constraints would be removed if the National Population Commission (NPC) would aggregate all available bio-metric data bases into a one family reliable picture of the […]

NEO-BIAFRA | Of Sense And Nonsense By Louis Odion

Just when the rest of the nation on Wednesday began a postmortem of the Biafra Day celebration following media reports of “total compliance” in Igbo land of a sit-at-home-order by IPOB/MASSOB, the following are excerpts from the […]

FACTS AND FICTION | The mid-term reports

So, we have received the mid-term reports from the federal and state governments. What do we make of them? Two takes. One, we can view them as the mere oiling of the traditional democratic machinery […]

OPINION | So far, well, so good

Tony Momoh has cause this week to heave a loud sigh of relief. Nobody that I know is about to throw any stone at him. Not literally. Possibly not even metaphorically. Tony Momoh – of […]

OPINION | Ambode, CAN and the Lagos pastor

A democracy fiesta which began nationwide some days ago climaxed last Monday. Lagos strove to outdo other states with its Lagos My Success Story through which it celebrated those it considered as the exemplars of […]

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