Apple’s iOS is bricking iPhones

Apple’s iOS 10 just got released to the masses, but just an hour after launch, not everyone’s happy with it. Twitter is now listed with several reports of people’s phones getting bricked. Some phones are […]

Best Features of Apple’s iOS

The lock screen is now customisable gives access to several widgets like weather, calendar or favourite contacts, accessible by simply swiping right. Safari is now seamless, allowing you to instantly access what’s displayed on your […]

WhatsApp Using Snapchat Features

WhatsApp’s latest Beta has a number of new features to make image sharing more fun & personalised in an attempt to take on Snapchat. They’re bringing in the ability to draw on an image & […]

Note 7 Explodes in Boy’s Hands

A 6-year-old boy from Brooklyn was playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7⃣ smart phone when the device suddenly exploded in his hands.   Samsung had recently issued a recall for all its Note 7⃣ smartphones over an […]

Apple Already Facing an iPhone7 Lawsuit

Lawyers have slapped a lawsuit on  Apple for prioritising new orders of the iPhone7  over Apple’s Upgrade Program members who can trade in their existing device for a new one.   As per the programme, new […]

Tokyo: Self-Driving City by 2020

The Japanese Govt. is working to outfit Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Game with a self-driving vehicle strategy. Automotive-tech houses in Japan will be 3D-mapping all the roadways in the country to get them ready […]

WhatsApp’s New Photo Editing Tools

WhatsApp’s latest beta 2.16.264 will provide several photo editing features including low-light selfies. When using the front camera, tapping the flash icon can brighten your selfie. The upgrade will light up your display if your […]

Tesla Gets Autopilot Radar Upgrade

Tesla just revealed their Autopilot software Version 8.0 which will go live in a couple of weeks. The update affects the signal processing technology of its on board radar which is designed to complement the […]

Augmented Reality at NY Fashion Week

Designer Rebecca Minkoff’s fall preview show at the New York Fashion Week used a 360 live camera at her show to make sure that all the 350 fashionistas got a view from the best seats. […]

Google’s Creates Realistic AI Speech

  Text to speech functionality across modern technology today is quite distinct from regular voices by their tinny sound. However, Google’s DeepMind AI system, WaveNet, seems to have surpassed that obstacle. Earlier, systems would use […]

Google Chrome Now Faster

Google released a new version of Chrome last week which includes new payment features as well as performance improvements. Known for consuming way too much RAM & battery life, over the past year, Chrome has […]

Facebook Brings in the ‘Fashbot’

Initially, Facebook’s bots which were developed in April weren’t very impressive & didn’t really bring the concept of faster service to reality. Facebook’s Creative Shop is now working with bot maker & the Tommy Hilfiger fashion […]

How to get verified on Twitter

Hello. Do you consider yourself popular and important enough to have a blue tick sitting beside your twitter handle? First, you need to be a person of public interest (you need to have a following […]

Earth’s Close Call with Killer Asteroid

A small asteroid, ‘2016 RB1,’ came a little too close for comfort as it flew past Earth on Wednesday. The asteroid was observed just in time by the Catalina Sky Survey telescope in Tucson, Arizona […]

An App to Measure Breath Quality

Breathometer has introduced a device called Mint which measured a user’s breath & also gives them tips on improving their oral health. They’re partnered with Philips after a successful Indiegogo campaign to deliver the tool […]

NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex Asteroid Return Mission

NASA has successfully launched their OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft on an Atlas V rocket to a near-Earth asteroid called ‘Bennu’. What’s more interesting is that the Rex will return back to earth with a sample of the […]

EU Proposes WhatsApp Security Laws

The European Union will have some security rules, currently only applicable to telecom operators, extended to web services like WhatsApp, Skype, & Apple’s FaceTime. The proposed reform will be unveiled next week. Telecom companies like […]

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