iPhone 8 Rumours Already⁉

Apple recently received approval for a ‘glass enclosure’ patent which was defined as a glass enclosure as a handheld computing device. The patient also said that the device would be hermetically sealed using lasers to […]

iPhone 7 Hissgate

The iPhone 7 is out & everyone is probing the device to see if it’s worth their money & seeing if there’s anything wrong with the device. Some users have recently reported a hissing sound […]

The iPhone 7 Stress Test

When the iPhone 6 came out the was a hullabaloo about how easily the device could bend & it even got a hashtag as #bendgate. Let’s find out how the iPhone 7 fares the bend […]

Sex Toys That Spy on You

The Standard Innovation Corporation released a new adult device recently called the ‘We Vibe  Plus,’ which connects to your smartphone. They’re calling the new technology, ‘Teledildonics,’ as the user can change the ‘tempo’ of the […]

Chrome Discouraging HTTP Sites

Chrome’s browser will start marking insecure HTTP connected websites which send passwords & credit card data as insecure, starting January. A warning will appear in the address bar of the browser to warn users that […]

Apple: Not That Great a Work Place

Apple is trying to bring in employee diversity, however, with 32% of its total workforce being only women. Maybe that’s another side they need to work at, especially since several female employees have said that  […]

Uber to Pay $384K for Bad Marketing

For around a year, Uber’s marketing stated that the company’s app automatically charged users a 20% tip for drivers. However, Uber was taking 40-50% of that tip – unbeknownst to the passengers & drivers. This […]

Want a Jet Black iPhone7? Then Wait

Apple recently made a statement which seems to indicate that all iPhones will be in rather short supply for those customers who walk in without a reservation. It also states that the iPhone7 jet black […]

Samsung Note 7 Recall Official

Initially, Samsung made an informal announcement that all of its Note 7 phones would have to be recalled due to the explosive battery issue we’ve all heard so much about. So far, there have been […]

FIFA 17 top 10 Freekick Takers

EA Sports’ FIFA 17 – the latest edition of the most popular football game in the world is all set to debut and let’s take a look at the best free kick takers in the […]

Tips for making laptop battery last longer

Activate battery saver mode When you are using your laptop on battery power, Windows shows your battery level in the taskbar. Click on the laptop battery level indicator and make sure any power-saving features are […]

WhatsApp Explains its Privacy Policy

WhatsApp was recently asked to appear in a Delhi court and after it made recent privacy policy changes wherein it sends user information to parent company Facebook. Senior advocate Siddharth Luthra, appearing for WhatsApp said […]

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