Zuckerberg Sells $95 M FB Stock

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has sold a very small portion of his Facebook stock. Mark sold 768,000 shares which was worth more than $95 million this month. The sale was made in accordance with Mark’s […]

Audi to make cars that can talk to traffic signals

German carmaker Audi is introducing technology that enables its cars to communicate with traffic lights, aiming to make driving less stressful, the company has announced. Known as “vehicle-to-infrastructure” or “V-to-I”, the technology allows Audi cars […]

You can store your memories in your DNA soon.

Scientists at MIT are using a genome-editing system to create human cells capable of recording & reporting memories. The system programmes cells to flip DNA segments when events occur such as exposure to specific chemicals. […]

Facebook vs Steam: The battle continues

Facebook seems to be trying to compete with gaming leader, Steam, as it announced that it’s working with game engine Unity to build a downloadable desktop gaming platform. The move comes after the major creation […]

Messenger faces harsh Euro rules

The European Commission hopes to strengthen rules governing messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype & Facebook Messenger. This is a part of a major telecoms industry renovation which will be announced in September. Skype & Facebook’s […]

China’s satellite quantum network launched

China just launched their Quantum Science Satellite which is designed to distribute quantum-encrypted keys between relay stations in China & Europe. This could seriously up the security levels between parties on different continents. The satellite? […]

Android users vulnerable to Linux bug

Hackers can now terminate connections & install malicious code into approx. 80% (1.4 bn devices) of all the Android KitKat phones as per a recently discovered vulnerability. The bug first popped up on version 3.6 […]

The New Blue color discovered

Oregon State University (OSU)scientists have discovered a new shade of blue called ‘YInMn blue,’ after the elements required to make it. The colour was discovered by accident, apparently, by OSU chemist Mas Subramanian. The colour […]

Whatsapp under spy attack

There are some serious threats out there for WhatsApp users. Don’t just click on any link you find on WhatsApp; it might just directly connect you to some sort of malware which will automatically harm […]

Apple acquires more technology companies

Apple has acquired Turi, a company that calls itself as a  “machine learning platform for developers & data scientists.”  Apple has confirmed that the acquisition has taken place but said nothing more. They did say, […]

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