Pokemon Go gets proposed update

Niantic has acknowledged that Pokémon have gotten extremely difficult to catch now & have promised to rectify it. This is because of an update they rolled out making it much harder to catch the little […]

Drones in Brazil get no fly Zones

Drone maker from China, DJI, has created temporary no-fly zones across Brazil in Rio, São Paulo & other locations where the games are being held. The move was made at the request of the Brazilian […]

App to help visually impaired people to read

Hear2Read is an app that helps visually impaired people that can be trained to read texts aloud. What’s more? It’s started supporting Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi & other languages & dialects in the past year. […]

Software to detect Sarcasm

Text-based communication doesn’t have that extra layer of vocal tone which tells you if sarcasm is being used on you. Portuguese researchers have built a neural network which determines whether someone is being sarcastic or not. […]

Technology at the Rio Olympics

Check out how the US is getting high-tech at this year’s Olympics.  The US women’s volleyball team is using VERT, a jump monitor around their waists to help prevent injuries & calculate jump heights & […]

ALERT | Deleted WhatsApp chats can still be read

WhatsApp is’nt actually deleting the messages you send to the archive, according to a security researcher.   On Apple devices the app stores a “forensic trace” of all chats, be them “deleted, cleared, or archived”, Jonathan […]

China’s elevated bus ready for use.

Is your daily commute prone to traffic jams? Well, take the bus! China now has a train/bus hybrid which travels over cars & also over all that traffic. They’re calling it the Transit Elevated Bus […]

Drones deliver medicine in Rwanda

Zipline International – a start-up based in Silicon Valley – is using drones to deliver medicine & blood to patients in hard to reach Rwandan hospitals. Zipline has partnered with the Rwandan Govt. to ‘launch out’ supplies in the […]

Instagram to add comments filtering

Instagram is allowing users to filter comments on their own account giving them the choice to declare something as acceptable or not & police their own pages. Users will also have the option to completely […]

Whatsapp is not well encrypted – Scientist

Software researcher Jonathan Zdziarski has found that WhatsApp retains & stores a forensic trace of the chat logs even after chats get deleted. The data can be recoverable through many remote backup systems. Zdziarski found this […]

Facebook now celebrates birthdays with Videos

Facebook intends to make everyone’s birthday celebrations more engaging by rolling out its Birthday Recap Video feature. The feature is quite like the Memories video feature & has a pre-set birthday-related theme taken from the […]

IPhone reaches 1billion users

Apple just sold its billionth iPhone last week, indicating that though its sales have declined in the quarter, Apple still has large numbers backing it. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the milestone during an employee […]

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