Cockroach milk is good for you – Scientists

The Healthy & Nutritious Cockroach Milk‼

Have you ever drank the milk of a cockroach? If not, soon you will because a group of Indian scientists have found out that it is more nutritious than cow milk. Cockroaches don’t really produce milk but a type of the species called Diploptera produces protein crystals to feed its babies. According to the scientists, these crystals contains 3 times the amount of energy compared to the same amount of buffalo milk.
The researchers are currently in the process of replicating the protein crystals in the lab. Researcher Sanchari Banerjee said: “The crystals are like a complete food – they have proteins, fats and sugars. If you look into the protein sequences, they have all the essential amino acids”.
The study was published in IUCrJ, a journal of the International Union of Crystallography.

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