DELTA | NUT defies Gov. Okowa’s directives, locks school gates, drives teachers away

Delta NUT defies Governor Okowa's directives, locks school gates, drives teachers awayThe delta state chapter of the Nigerian Union of teachers (NUT) has defied the directive of the state government to resume school today, March 20. The union leaders sent the teachers running away from the schools and locked the school gates. The NUT leaders said it cannot resume school until the state government meets all its demands for their members

In defiance to the directive of the Delta state Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for all secondary school teachers to resume school on Monday, March 20, members of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) succeeded in flouting the governor’s directive as the union members raided all the public schools in the state and sent teachers who attempted to resume school scampering for safety.

The governor had, in a statement, on Saturday, warned all secondary school teachers to resume school on Monday, threatening that failure to resume school, the government would apply the policy of no work no pay in the state.

Delta NUT defies Governor Okowa's directives, locks school gates, drives teachers away

Delta state deputy governor Kingsley Otuaro with NUT chairman, Jonathan Jemiriegbe

The state government also said it has met all obligations to the secondary teachers, consequently, they have no need going on sympathy strike with their counterparts in the primary schools whom the state government is owing salaries for four months.

The government directed chief inspectors of education, principals of secondary to comply with the directive.

But on Monday as early as, it was gathered the NUT members had combed all the public schools and put them under lock and key so as to prevent lily hearted teachers from gaining access into the schools.

As at 7.30 to, some of the teachers who attempted going to the schools were sent scampering for safety as the NUT executives drove them all from the schools and kept the school gates under heavy chains.

Some of the teachers who attempted to visit their schools to see the development following the governor’s directive on Saturday, were chased away by the NUT executive.

It was learnt that some of them who went with their cars, packed their cars far away from the school premises. One of the teachers at Osadenis High School, Mrs. Gladys Osadebame, told “it was drama this morning. We got to the school, the gate was under lock and key, heavily chained by NUT.

As soon as we stood there, the NUT officials came with their bus and everybody began to run away. My brother had earlier told me not to go with my car, because of what he thought might likely happen.

“The Post Primary Education Board has also joined. They joined on Thursday last week. They are also being stagnated by the state government.

“The students that were allowed into the school were those writing WAEC examinations with their identity cards. The students were made to present their identity cards before they were allowed in.

Other students who came to the school thinking school would resume were chased away from the school gate.

The NUT officials went round all the schools. The zonal office that is on rent our school attempted to go into the school, the director broke through the gate and entered but as soon as NUT officials came, he ran away from the school.”

However, government officials were later learnt to have stormed the schools and got the gates opened.

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