DELTA | SARS officials shot at unarmed citizens following provocation- Photos

This is the moment SARS officials in uniform shot at unarmed citizens in Delta state. Goaded by the young men, the officers opened fire and several shots were heard. One of the men was shot in the leg but no death was recorded – thankfully. In the video, the young men could be seen acting aggressive and taunting the SARS official. It is not clear what led to the altercation but one of the men can be heard screaming at the officers.

“You no fit shoot. You no fit shoot,” he kept saying.

The civilian went after one of the SARS officers still screaming at him and even raised his hand at the officer. The officer tried to avoid him but he kept going after him and raising his hand to hit him, leading the officer to shoot several times.

See the video shared by Winney Eric below…

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