‘You deserve more than rice, cash stipends’ – PDP guber aspirant, Segun Adewale tells Ekiti people

Otunba Segun Adewale popularly known as Aeroland has faulted the stomach infrastructure scheme of the Ayo Fayose administration, saying it is portraying Ekiti people as hungry and poverty-stricken people instead of helping them The Sun reports.

Adewale, a former Senatorial aspirant from Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State on the platform of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) said Ekiti people deserve more than what he called ‘a Congo of rice and cash stipends’.

But reacting, Ekiti State Commissioner for Information, Youths and Sports Development, Lanre Ogunsuyi, said the infrastructure scheme of Governor Fayose has hugely saved many families from misery and lack, adding that if the scheme was not good, other government and top politicians in the country wouldn’t have adopted it.
Meanwhile, Adewale who kicked off his familiarisation visits across the state with distribution of many smart television sets ,motorbikes and smart cell phones, said his desire to eradicate poverty in Ekiti through massive skills acquisition scheme and provision of enduring social amenities, inspired his ambition to become the governor of the state in 2018.

” Rather than giving Congos of rice, we are giving motorbike, flat screen television sets and smart phones to the people as our own Christmas gifts and Stomach Infrastructure for them.

“The moment you give them rice, you are not dignifying Ekiti, you are saying that is their worth, but we are saying they can get better deals in TV sets, phones and others.

This is to wake them up that they can get better things. If I have never held any political position in my life and can give these items out of my private pocket, imagine what I would do when I become the governor. We are giving 1000 telephones per ward in 177 wards in all 16 local government areas, 10 television sets per ward, and 10 motorbike for each of 16 local government areas. When we do this . people will now believe in themselves,’he said.
‎Adewale, a thoroughbred entrepreneur, philanthropist and grassroots politician in Lagos State and a native of Ipoti-Ekiti in Ijero Local Government Area of Ekiti State, said he is saddened by the fact that an average Ekiti man has been impoverished by succesive governments and made to believe that his miserable condition can not be made better.
“I am here to change the perspective of the people, their minds have been conditioned to poverty, successive governments have also stamped it that poverty is in Ekiti, so my people see that and resigned to fate.
” We will start by changing their mindsets which had been bastardised for years that they can be educated and still be poor. We will now convert the knowledge to wealth, we will make sure that you are not only educated, but you have a trade that gurrantess you wealth”, he said.

Adewale who chose to have a vocational training in Airline Management and Operations in 2012 and Flight Operations after his university masters degree could not secure him a job, argued that learning a trade or vocation could make a difference in someone’s life and launch him to becoming rich and wealthy. He cited his personal experience which is a success story of how a vocation in airline management and Flight operations turned him into a muilti-millionaire, adding that his vision for Ekiti people is to ensure that all graduate youths and other able-bodied men and women are given free vocational training: “which would make them enterprenuers and fetch them wealth”.
Speaking further on how he intends to raise the bar in leadership, Adewale, Chairman and CEO of Aeroland Group of Companies, said: “Having a trade, been skilled on a particular vocation, will liberate Ekiti people. If the youths are okay, they will take care of their mothers and their wives, we will create a vocational centre in each local government areas of the state and offer empowerment training in various skills, I have leant a trade and I am making millions in my trade, I am going to make sure that we have vocational centres which training will be free. Each person learning a trade will specialise in an area, for instance, if you are learning mechanic, you would be a Toyota vehicle specialist.
“We will also help to establish you. We will bring expatriates fromabroadfor the training and do a professional exams for the trainee so he or she can be certified.

We will invest in the trainees and give them all the equipments they need to start up and they will pay us back in instalment. So people needing their services would not need to go outside the state for such services.
This is easy to achieve as the vocational training is just a six months crash programme, Nigeria economy has changed for what you studied to what you know. You must have an identity to be relevant.
“For those not lettered, we will establish a sporting centre in each local government areas, a mini and assessible stadium which will engage the youths in sporting activities. We will take outstanding youths abroad for sporting competition and employment. In each local govt we will establish centres to train our youths in at least. Four sporting activities,” he said.

Asked what he feels about the agressive agitation for a southern Ekiti man for governor and the choice of his deputy by governor Fayose to succeed him, Adewale who hails from Ekiti central in Ipoti, said: lIt depends on the people, I have no choice. But we must be sure there are credible candidates from the south. The governor has a right to have somebody to support, that doesn’t mean that nobody should come out, as there would be a party primaries.”
Adewale spoke further on his manifestos as governorship candidate, saying: “I will also give knowledge, we will create hotpsots for all wards, it will only cost me N1.7 naira per month for all 177 wards. This will be made available in all schools and launch the people to the whole universe.

” On women empowerment , a governor has N250 million security vote, it is more than enough for me to empower the women and youths.
“We have 360 communities I will dole out the money to every trade association in every community, so they could be borrowing N500 thousand in evey wards, on which they would pay very low interest, the interest would be used to pay workers salary hired to oversee the borrowing in those local government areas.
“If you are Ekiti as a student, you would not pay schools fees in any school in Ekiti and we will also establish good courses that many others would come to Ekiti to study. We have large lands, I will bring Chinese men and give them land to do their products, we will use the dams for electricity, and create a conductive environment to ensure that business thrive. We will make Ekiti a mecca in the area of medicine. We will replicate those hospitals abroad. We will do something like that of Are Afe Babalola, but we won’t charge as much as Babalola would charge. All these activities would bring huge investment which would generate huge IGRFOR me as governor.
I can also permit a Chinese man to come and start producing their phones here in Ekiti, I will give them all the incentives to do this.

For us to overcome poverty, we must change our people’s orientation, and establish technology and give adequate power. We will give huge grants to department in universities to generate power for the state and sponsor many other productive ventures in the schools, ” he said.


Culled: Daily Sun

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