My disappointment with CAN -George Makeri

Reading through the statement of CAN to president Buhari and I say it is a good thing that CAN addressed Mr. President on very fundamental and salient issues, pertaining withdrawal of Nigeria from international Islamic organizations to respect the multi-religious nature of Nigeria, where non-muslims won’t feel left out in a country that belongs to all.


The reaction of Professor Ishaq Akintola, leader of MURIC is infact the real ‘orubebenism’, where he went suggesting that Nigeria should withdraw from the United Nations and World Health Organization, because CAN requested for withdrawal from International Muslim Organizations.


Is the UN an exclusive Christian Union? Are Muslim nations not members of UN and WHO? Clearly, Professor Ishaq is profiteering with powder-puff blackmails against the Christian community of this country. Let Friday be declared a work-free day and Sunday, a work day then – this is preposterous. That the colonial masters were Christians didn’t stop the world from becoming a global village. Besides, are we the only country colonised by Christian colonialists? Even Saudi Arabia was liberated from the Ottoman Empire by the same Christian colonialists.


What has Professor Ishaq got to say about that? Egypt, the centre of Islamic civilisation was also colonised by Christian colonialists. If the colonialists had moved into their colonies with a Christianization agenda against Muslims, would the world be what it is today? The colonialists had their agenda – to take over economic monopoly of their colonies, while the missionaries had their agenda – to convert persons to Christianity. It is in record that the colonialists antagonised the missionaries and forbade them from encroaching into Muslim domains. Even though the Qur’an says, ‘every man to his religion’, we are witnesses to the discrimination against Christians in this country, to which CAN sought redress too. CAN actually presented the true feelings of Christians nationwide and if our national symbol of ‘…one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity…, is to be upheld, CAN must be taken seriously.


However, I would rather say CAN sounded contradictory when it says the president’s fight against corruption is unrivalled by any preceding administration then went on to say the president should prosecute those close to him too. CAN can not honestly surmise that Mr. President is the best fighter of corruption in Nigeria when Mr. President is the most corrupt Nigerian. As for me, CAN goofed big time there as a religious body. Instead of trying to be diplomatic on this corruption matter, CAN should have been silent on it. And if CAN must speak on it, it would have done better not mentioning the clause that sees a terribly corrupt Buhari as best fighter of corruption in this country. That clause is insulting to Christians like myself who see only witch-hunting, intimidation, and coercion and zero fight against corruption. You can’t honestly call this charade a fight against corruption to the point of saying the fraud of a fight is the best ever in this country. My bible taught me to speak truth to power regardless of the cost.


My bible taught me never to be afraid. My bible taught me I will die just once, thus I have no need to be afraid of death. My bible taught me that no power is greater than that of God and encouraged me to have no fear, thus who is Buhari that he should be shielded from having the facts about the charade he calls fight against corruption. Worst case scenario, CAN should have been quiet on that issue instead of joining the bandwagon to claim there is actually a fight against corruption going on. I am most disappointed with CAN on this singular aspect as the apex Christian body in this country.

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