Our attention has been drawn to statements credited to Chief Raymond Dokpesi in which he claimed to be the founder of Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) which he said was formed as appendage of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

APDA challenges Chief Dokpesi to make public the expenditures that made him the financier of the party. APDA also challenges him to name the PDP governors and the Federal Government Agency which he claims is sponsoring APDA. These two clarifications would easily exonerate him or clearly show that his claims are not true for what it is worth.

For the records, the National Chairman Mallam Shitu Mohammed approached Chief Dokpesi to partner us with his media outfit during the process leading to the registration of the party and the present National Secretariat was equally donated by the National Chairman as well.

It is public knowledge that all the PDP family disowned and has continuously refuted any relationship with the APDA. The Caretaker Chairman, BOT Chairman and the National Publicity Secretary of the party has severally issued statements to this effect.  APDA is not a plan B to any political party but welcomes any political leaning that identifies with its social democratic ideals which is hinged on returning our country back to the path of prosperity and inclusive governance. We wish to put it on record that the APDA family rejoices with PDP on their victory at the Supreme Court because we felt it would deepen our democratic space.

That Dokpesi claim that he never left PDP for a micro second is a clear testimonial and a vindication of the held position of the APDA on his status in our party and we wish him well in his bid for the position of the PDP chairmanship. The APDA family is primarily focused on providing the framework and roadmap for the creation of a new Nigeria where our first point is to think of our country as an indivisible entity where we will be STRONGER TOGETHER.


Dokpesi had claimed in his statement that:Advance people Democratic Alliance (APDA) was promoted and financed by him.APDA was a plan B for the makarfi group of the PDP. It became imperative in view of the obvious APC led federal Government internal leadership squabbles in our party.The brazen court of Appeal judgment in Port Harcourt in which injustice, falsehood and manipulation of already prepared lead judgment in favour of the sheriff group made it necessary to prepare for any and every eventuality. Worse still the authentic PDP led by His Excellency, senator Ahmed Makarfi were denied right to contest by elections, LG elections in many states whilst the sheriff group traded the rights of PDP as was the case in Ondo, Edo , Benue LG election.The colour of APDA remains PDP colours. The constitution of APDA is PDP constitution improved with the jerry Gana led strategy review committee.The registration of APDA remain was on a need to know basis as the Government in power will not allow the authentic PDP led by makarfi to survive. All organs of the party and leaders were fully aware of the effort to register the party as plan B Suffice to mention that over 85% of the leaders of the party who were in the know approved the registration of the party as plan B.Other Existing & new political parties were also considered adoption possibly as plan B if we did not get justice at the Supreme Court.To the glory of God we got justice at the Supreme Court and like all typical Nigeria endeavours we have all forgotten where we were and the circumstances that necessitated a Plan B.I Raymond A Dokpesi is a founding member of the PDP. I have never left the PDP for a micro-second. I have always put my resources at the disposal of the PDP and there was nothing extraordinary funding & floating a platform which will be beneficial to all members of the party. I have never benefited from the PDP in spite of putting my life and investment at risk.

I have no apology to tender to any one for the registration of APDA. Having achieved plan A, APDA should complement PDP and not be antagonistic to it. Unfortunately the interim officer of the party whose tenure expired in June 2017 were infiltrated by some PDP Governors & leaders as well as a federal Government agency to ensure that the Makarfi group is denied benefit of registering the party in the first instance. I will fight with my last blood to ensure that APDA does not constitution any embarrassment to PDP.


Comrade Tosin Adeyanju
National Publicity Secretary

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