Don’t pre-empt Supreme Court Judgement, stop withdrawal of Kogi funds -Group Warns Bello

Governor Yahaya Bello

Precarious of the likely outcome of the judgement of the supreme court challenging the return of yahaya bello as the governor, Kogi Renaissance Group has ‎cried out for massive and indiscriminate withdrawals of government funds by the office of the Accountant general of the state on the instructions of the governor to offset some fictitious government commitment

In a press statement released to media men in lokoja this evening ,Abdul nuhu,the spokesperson frowned at the on going withdrawal under the pretext‎ of off setting payment of automobiles bought for the governors office,wives and the commissioners even when he impressed that the vehicles were bought with a three year loan from one of the state bankers
“Over one billion naira was withdrawn from a bank name withheld to pay the governors company that supplied his official cars to his office and the three wives including the commissioners contrary to the impression he gave to the people of the state sometimes ago”
The governors penchant for misappropriation of state funds is glaring as he recently embarked on massive renovation of undeserved houses prototyped by the previous administration ‎with upfront payment
The group urged the CBN to halt such withdrawals from kogi state account as it negates monetary re‎gulations and fiscal discipline guiding the activities of banks saying the collaboration of banks and the state to cart away government funds is highly worrisome

This is also different from series of cash withdrawals from makurdi,Jos and Abuja offices of banks on the instructions of the state government

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