Going to a private school has nothing or little to do with being brilliant and intelligent. While equal opportunities are being preached in Nigerian schools, we have to acknowledge the fact that some students perform well in the government owned schools and compete with their mates in the private schools.

JSS 3 student in Ekiti invents rechargeable lantern for charging phones

Olalekan, the JSS 3 student who invented rechargeable lantern and phone charger housed in a paint bucket.

Oyedele Olalekan, a JSS 3 student of Ajinare Grammar School, has done something extraordinary. The teenager who hails from Ido-Ile in Ekiti west local government area of the state built a rechargeable radio with two speakers, four lamps and charging ports for charging phones in a paint container.

This is no doubt a remarkable feat as no one would believe that a work of this magnitude could come from a neophyte inventor. Olalekan’s invention has been tested and proved with many patronizing him already.

It is intriguing that a young boy could connect wires and boards in a paint container to produce something as unique as this. The young boy has identified a need in the society and has made move to proffer a solution to them.

JSS 3 student in Ekiti invents rechargeable lantern for charging phones

Ekiti state indigene invents rechargeable lantern and radio in a paint bucket.

With this work of genius, the future is bright. If the growing generation can task themselves and produce brilliant things like this, the society would be a better place with people changing their perspective about Nigeria as a whole.

The JSS 3 student has not only represented his family well, he has brought the attention of the people to his school; a government school that is not dead.

Many parents worry about sending their wards to public schools because they think they do not have what it takes to teach students. The praises are not meant for Olalekan’s family and the school alone, the state will also share part of it too.

It should be noted that Ekiti state has lots of talented individuals as citizens with reference to the primary five student who invented a fan to help his family about six months ago.

The young boy produced the fan using aluminum sheets, ‘Viju’ milk containers, soap case, plastic pipes, papers and other materials he could lay hands on.

It should be noted that these young inventors did not allow their environment to limit them. They produce unique objects from things often considered as wastes in the society. It is pathetic that some of their mates who are used to all the luxuries and comfort of life do not think like them.

With this, it does seem that the luxurious lifestyle do not give them enough time to reflect on the needs of the society and do something different with their lives.

JSS 3 student in Ekiti invents rechargeable lantern for charging phones

A screenshot of Olalekan holding his prized invention as shared by Hezekiah.

Olalekan’s outstanding production was brought to the world’s eye through Adebowale Oba Hezekiah, a Facebook user who was struck by the young boy’s effort. He shared pictures of the inventor with his produced rechargeable lamp and phone charger on his social media page.