One of the main highlight of any successful brand is the ability to create a seamless interactive session and build unique social brand experience for its customers.

As a customer-centric brand and well known for their focus on dedicating a lot of time to maintain the relationship with their audience, Africa’s mobile phone giant, itel mobile, on Saturday, 28th July, 2018, held a fun-filled exclusive hangout session with a selected loyal fans at Lekki Conservative Centre, Lagos.


The itel team inside the swamp of Lekki Conservation center

From the cool and serene environment of the forest area of the conservative center to the extremely interesting adventurous stroll on the longest canopy walk in Africa and the gorgeous sight of monkeys swinging and playing on the trees, it’s safe to say itel fans were treated to one of the most amazing time of their lives in the middle of Nigeria’s city of excellence all for free!


Group photo of fans and staff

It was definitely a moment for fans to socialize and have fun, as each adventurous session presented a unique opportunity for everyone to participate in games to win special gifts, enjoy the food, drinks and also have a heart-to-heart Q&A session with the brand ambassadors present.

Addressing the ecstatic fans, and give them a border insight into itel’s work and products, Oke Umurhohwo, Marketing Communications Manager, itel Mobile, said;
“itel mobile is a people’s brand committed to empowering everyone with seamless communication devices that are reliable, trendy and affordable, without compromising on quality. This hangout is a unique opportunity for us as a brand to bond and celebrate with our loyal fans, who have consistently proved to be great supporters of itel mobile”.

The fans familiarizing at the venue

In the end, feedbacks about the brand was given by fans on how to improve itel smartphones. like the saying goes every good thing will come to an end and the itel fans hangout is not an exception, as the participating joyful fans couldn’t stop expressing their heart felt gratitude to the itel team. One thing is certain, this hangout will forever leave a sweet memory in the minds of itel fans, as it gave them more intimate access to the brand.

Fan having Coconut drink


itel fans having fun at the venue

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