EXCLUSIVE: Generals at War on who becomes next COAS over $1billion Arms fund and 2019 election

The race to succeed Nigeria’s current Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai has begun in earnest.

The Generals, LeadersNG learned, are blackmailing and framing themselves up over $1billion Arms fund and the 2019 general elections.

LeadersNG through multiple sources have gathered that Nigeria’s next chief of Army Staff might be President Muhammadu Buhari’s kinsman.

Top contenders jostling to succeed Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai are former Director Military Intelligence, Major General Abubakar Tarfa.

Major General Kasimu Abdulkarim, former GOC 6 DIV Port Harcourt who is currently under military police investigation for an alleged misappropriation of Funds is also one of the top contenders.

Major-General Kasimu Abdulkarim LeadersNG learned is from Auchi in Edo State but fraudulently entered the Nigerian Army under Kebbi State.

His documents according to LeadersNG sources were Doctored.

The GOC 82 Division Enugu, Major General Abubakar who is from the home state of the president, Katsina State has been considered by many as the likely successor of Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai.

The core northerners, according to a military source, are trying to convince the president that Major General kasimu Abdulkarim is not a zuru man as he claimed and that he will not be loyal to the interest of Arewa.

some other Generals because of fear of probe and court martialing have all tendered their resignation.

Another military source told LeadersNG that Major General Davies from Benue is eligible to be Chief of Army Staff but age is not on his side and has just tendered his resignation because of fear of Court martialing.

Another person in contention and Who may likely become the next Chief of Army Staff is Major General M.S Yusuf from Katsina State and the former Guards Brigade Commander who’s seen as a very loyal officer to the Commander In Chief, but military sources said, M. S Yusuf is a very young Major General. Appointing him will lead to attrition in the Military high command as most of his superiors will mandatorily be automatically retired.

Major General Attahiru, former Theater Commander in Borno who has been highly considered to replace Buratai seems to have some issues as regards his handling of the ongoing war against Boko Haram.

Sources revealed, Major General Attahiru lost almost all the grounds to Boko Haram in north east while holding sway as a Theater Commander.

Attahiru was later investigated and removed.

Many of the contenders feel Buratai is watching them and want to single handedly pick the next COAS.

The primary consideration for this position according to our sources, is which of these generals is likely to protect the Arewa interest?

NDA Commander, Major General Oyebade who was indicted in the Shiite killings is also a serious contender for the position of COAS.

LeadersNG also gathered that Another factor that the Presidency is considering in choosing the next COAS is who will be of immense help to the President’s re-Election bid in 2019.

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