External forces working very hard to break up Nigeria – NLC

National President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Ayuba Wabba, on Sunday, August 21, urged Nigerians not to succumb to external forces working very hard to break up the country.

He made the call while pointing out that “most countries” are unhappy that Nigeria is the Giant of Africa, and will therefore be happy to see the country disintegrate.

Wabba, while fielding questions at a NAN forum, said that the country’s size, population and natural endowments are assets that many other nations are envious of.

He expressed optimism that the current security challenges and agitations “being fuelled and funded by forces determined to undermine Nigeria” would be surmounted.

“Our position is that we will not canvass the issue of cannibalizing Nigeria into segments for any reason or any consideration,” he said.

“It is in unity that our strength lies as a country. We are today the giant of Africa; most countries are not happy with that. They will do anything possible to undermine our national interest and also work towards the disintegration of Nigeria.

“That is a fact, and we see that as we travel around the world. Even within the committee of unions, people are envious of Nigeria. We must not forget how people said Nigeria was going to break by 2015 and you must not forget that they are still working on that.

“They are still funding all manner of things and trying to see that Nigeria does not actually have peace; it is deliberate. There is no resource today in the world that we do not have; they see us as a country that is blessed without measure.”

Wabba added that some African countries are concerned that if anything happens to Nigeria, their own fate becomes uncertain.

“Most of these conflicts are instigated,” he said, citing the situation in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

“Therefore, it is in our own collective interest as Nigerians — because we do not have any other country — to continue to show the light and perspective for others to see.”

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