Facebook bans women for posting ‘men are scum’

Facebook has been suspending women for “hate speech” against men after posting variations of the phrase “men are sc*m”.

Despite Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg warning of a potential backlash against women as scandals rock companies and political institutions, the social network continues to ban women speaking out against men as a group.

Standup comic Marcia Belsky, was banned in October for 30 days from Facebook for posting “men are sc*m” as a comment on her friend, Nicole Silverberg’s photo album detailing the abuse Silverberg had received after writing a list of ways men can treat women better on Twitter and later published by the Guardian.

Fellow comedian Kayla Avery says she routinely gets banned for comments such as “ men are garbage fires ”, “the worst”, “trash” and other derivatives.

Facebook says that threats and hate speech directed towards a protected group violate its community standards and therefore are removed. The social network told the Daily Beast that “men are scum” was a threat and therefore should be removed.

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