Facebook Working on Payment Chat Bots

Facebook Messenger reached 1⃣ billion users in July, up from 700 million users since last year.

On Monday, Facebook revealed updates which will incorporate several chat bots & voice interfaces.

The chat bots will also support native in-app payments. Voice capabilities will also be added soon as there are already 300 million people using radio & video calling features on Messenger every month.

FB is working with PayPal, Stripe, Visa, MasterCard & all the other bigshots in the payments industry to develop the bot.

Messenger isn’t focused on monetization & doesn’t generate revenue for Facebook.

FB’s vice president of messaging David Marcus said, “What we want to do here is build an ecosystem & bring a lot of developers to the platform. It’s not easy & it takes time. It (bots) got overhyped very quickly.”

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