FALZ | Kenyan authority calls rapper internet fraudster -video

Is Nigeria’s image this bad even within African countries? Kenyan immigration authority calls rapper Falz the bahd guy a Yahoo Yahoo guy. Falz and his friends have gone to Kenya for holiday and got the embarrassment of his life at the airport for caring a Nigerian passport. The rapper is a lawyer and son of prominent lawyer Femi Falana before he jumped into singing

Kenyan authority calls Falz internet fraudster

Kenyan authority calls Falz internet fraudster

Just because he carries a Nigerian passport, lawyer-turned-rapper, Falz says he was treated as a criminal at a Kenyan airport.

In a recent interview with Sound City‘s Moet Abebe, Falz said he recently went to Kenya on holiday with some of his friends. He explained that as soon as they landed at Kenyan airport they were treated with the worst discrimination he had ever experienced in his life.

“We were about getting into the airport in Kenya. The [immigration] sent us to go to the side [along] with Nigerian people [and] they just kept on saying ‘cyber-crime! Internet fraud!,” Falz said.

“It was disgraceful. It was extremely shameful. Obviously, it is discrimination. Because I’m Nigerian, you automatically think I am a cyber-criminal?”

Watch Falz describe his humiliation in Kenyan airport below:

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