FASHION | The Emo Look Is Alive and Well

Are you sad? Maybe you’re wearing more dark eyeliner than usual? Have you recently purchased a diary? Is your wardrobe mainly black, with the exception of gray? Is your cursor hovering over a song by My Chemical Romance as you read this?

Well, congratulations, you might be feeling a bit emo! Remember, that adolescent wave of despair that seems to take over during those oh-so-formidable high school years? But that’s okay! Turns out, the angst-y teenage look is back. Look to Malibu 1992: The label debuted a destructive Independence Day–themed print tee, baggy black trousers, a chain accessory in the hand, and, of course, the emo accessory du jour, a dad hat pulled down low, sitting on top of shoulder-length, inky locks. At Palm Angels, the label riffed on raver jeans and adorned the belt loop with a sad-youth favorite—a wallet chain (marijuana charm included!)—and a big-box-store-style wolf-printed hoodie. Even Vetements got into the action, going as far as titling look 31 “Emo,” and giving the model an extra-long studded belt and supersize leather jacket.

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