FG Duplicates Decade Old Saraki’s Education Policy

10 years after the Bukola Saraki- led government of Kwara State birthed the “Every Child Counts” education policy, the APC led federal government of Nigeria, has duplicated the same policy.
“Every Child Counts” was a series of educational reforms initiated by Governor Bukola Saraki 10 years ago. It was so carelessly copied that the original author was neither acknowledged nor his consent taken before announcing and portraying it to the public.
Credence include the news report of the launching of the policy by Vice President Yemi, published under the headline “FG Introduces New Education Policy NaNew Education Policy Named “Every Child Counts’ – Osinbajo” by glittersonline.com
Evidence of original ownership is reproduced below as sourced from and readily obtainable on Wikipedia:
“Every Child Counts is the name given to a series of public school education reforms in Kwara, Nigeria. In a bid to resuscitate public education in its state, the Kwara State Government under the leadership of Governor Bukola Sarakiintroduced a package of extensive reforms in the education sector. These reforms are also called the Education Charter for Kwara State, and were designed to put “children at the heart of education” in the state.
Meanwhile, it has been reliable gathered that the Federal government has acknowledged duplication of the said policy. The report reads, in parts, “The President Muhammadu Buhari administration, has once again paid homage to the ingenuity of Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, by copying the educational reforms initiated by Saraki during his time as the governor of Kwara State (2003 to 2011).
“Announcing at the 60th Anniversary of Grange School, Lagos on Tuesday, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo announced that the government’s new education policy would be named ‘Every Child Counts’ — which was the same name given to a series of public school education reforms in Kwara State, Nigeria ten years ago under the Saraki administration.
The Kwara State ‘Every Child Counts’ model, which has now been repackaged by the Buhari-Osinbajo administration for the federal level, sought to provide quality education in public schools in the state by ensuring an improvement in teaching quality; setting and maintaining quality assurance standards for each school; improving the capacity of Colleges of Education to produce quality teachers; and building strong educational institutions in the state through the development of the Ministry of Education, the Teaching Service Commission and strengthening the State Education Management Information System (EMIS).”

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