First female aspirants joins 2019 presidential race

Ahead of the 2019 presidential election, a female aspirant, Mrs. Adeline Emihe, a Nigerian born the United States of America (USA), has joined the contest.

Emihe is an academician based in the US and the wife of Sir Samuel Emihe of Obinnakele Amata in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State.

She made her declaration for race in Owerri when she addressed a cross section of Nigerians and her family members.

Emihe said: “I am not here to expound on the problems of the country, but to seek opportunities to contribute to making the country a better place for all of us. Although, it is a truism that problems exist in every country and Nigeria is not an exception, yet, we must know how to focus on the right areas and create the proper premise and environment that would enable and empower all citizens to contribute their fair share to their best capacity and best ability to the growth of this fatherland.

“That, it is not a secret that despite Nigeria being the largest economy in the African continent, the nation has continued its downward spiral on the global economic index scale due to its weak institutions with high level of corruption, undue influences and other rights that are insufficient,” she said

Emihe urged Nigerians to elect the candidates, who are knowledgeable in the requisite areas and with the leadership traits to motivate all Nigerians to continue to build on the great foundation and framework already set by her progenitors during the first republic.

The aspirant continued: “Indeed, I am for the new era and a new dawn that will usher in that new day. I support a change in the national status quo for a better Nigeria. I support innovation, technology-driven, modern and dynamic education, health, infrastructural developments, transportation, security, industrial and quasi-ministerial and departmental system that would drive national development in the fast-evolving and modernizing globalization systemic era.

“I support the recognition that all tribes and peoples of Nigeria are one nation and should work together for the good of all in unity and towards equity and justice for all without exception. I support food security, technologizing agriculture and maintaining a safe country in which we and our children and youths will feel secured,” she said.

The presidential hopeful who did not announce the political platform she wants to use to achieve her aspiration said that, the day Nigerians find out that it is most beneficial to elect capable, competent and committed leaders personalities who love this country, from that day, a new vision will start to enfold.

She pointed out that from the day, the vision that the nation’s past heroes, progenitors and the Almighty God predestined for the country, will begin to effectuate.

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