FLASH: CCT adjourns @BukolaSaraki’s trial indefinitely, to await Supreme Court decision

The Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) has today adjourned indefinitely the trial of Senate President Bukola Saraki.

The Tribunal chairman, Danladi Umar held in a bench ruling this morning that it is germane to await the decision of the Supreme Court on the appeals filed by both Saraki and the federal government on the judgement of the Court of Appeal.

Umar had asked the parties in the matter to address the tribunal on the issue of the pending appeals. Prosecution counsel, Rotimi Jacobs (SAN) urged the tribunal to proceed since the defence had already opened and closed their case and the tribunal had adjourned for adoption of final addresses. However, Saraki’s counsel, Kanu Agabi (SAN) urged the Tribunal to be mindful of the dignity of the Supreme Court and prayed for an indefinite adjournment.

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