Ford sues John Cena for selling rare GT less than a month after buying it.

Ford Motors has sued Superstar wrestler John Cena for selling his Ford GT sports-car he bought for $463, 376 in September too early, even after he signed a purchase agreement to use it for at least two years.

John Cena who was selected out of about 7000 applicants to buy the car which Ford built only 1000 units of, reportedly lost Ford almost “two years of ambassadorship and brand value”, claims the automaker.

According to Ford, John Cena made more profit from the 482kW supercar sale, even though the price wasn’t specified. The car manufacturer wants John Cena to turn in all the profits he made from selling the car and additional money for damages.

However Cena who reacted to the lawsuit, said he sold the car because he needed to “pay some bills”.


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