Gambia: Yahya Jammeh’s First Lady asks for divorce

Among other nicknames, the Gambians frightenedly called him “gold plunderer” or “the devil”. The former First Lady of the Gambia, whose real name Zeinab Suma reportedly officially demanded the divorce of her husband Yahya Jammeh, the deposed president of The Gambia. According to some sources, “the hustler”, as also liked to call it a good part of Gambians, made this decision after the defeat of Yahya Jammeh in the Gambian presidential elections of December 2, 2016 and his forced exile in Equatorial Guinea . Others argue that Zeinab Suma, who has sought refuge in the United States, finds it difficult to digest the shame of the Jammeh family as a result of criminal abuse of Yahya Jammeh, her husband, Of his 22-year reign in The Gambia. And to add, the Gambian justice, in tracking the property badly acquired by Yahya Jammeh, ordered the seizure of property Jammeh family, including 86 bank accounts and 131 other real estate and businesses. The parents and former collaborators of Jahya Jammeh are also in the sight of the Gambian justice. Feeling the tightness clenched around her and her husband, Zeinab Suma preferred to simply seek divorce. That said, “Zeinab Suma, like Yahya Jammeh, was afraid but not loved by Gambians,” say Gambians. According to them, “the former First Lady also liked to see the Gambians suffer from the dictatorial drifts of her husband.” A habit of the facts Besides his bulimia of power, Yahya Jammeh also had a penchant for beautiful women, as proved by his repeated marriages with Zeinab, Nathalie and Alimah. Yet this common attitude of Yahya Jammeh was not appreciated by Zeinab Suma Jammeh. After the marriage of Yahya Jammeh with Alimah Sallah, his second wife, the daughter of the former Gambian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Zeinab preferred to apply for a divorce to settle in the United States. She even threatened to confiscate her husband’s property in various countries.

It was necessary that the protocol service of the then presidency of the Gambia, under the orders of Yahya Jammeh, issue a communiqué stating that “Zeinab retained her title of first lady”, in order for the latter to withdraw her divorce application. However, some Gambians think, in light of the latest developments, “this umpteenth claim of divorce from Zeinab Suma Jammeh seems irreversible.” It must be acknowledged that in addition to losing most of its assets in The Gambia, the former presidential couple has lost the esteem of Gambians and the international community. And now, the Jammeh are no longer immune from prosecution.

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