#GhanaDecides | Politicians tried to induce me with a house and $100K. – Rev. Prof Martey

The outspoken outgoing Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Professor Emmanuel Martey, has revealed that political parties have made several attempts to buy his silence and keep him from criticizing the government.


The blunt Prof. Martey, during his tenure as Moderator, often made public statements against some government decisions and policies. In a press conference today [Tuesday], Professor Martey said he had rejected several gifts and monies thrown at him by politicians with the sole purpose of silencing him.


“Politicians had tried all means to muzzle me, to get me but they can’t, they come with bribes, fat envelopes, $100,000.” He added that some of these politicians also come with “the promises that if you keep quiet we will give you a house at Trasacco with swimming pool… We will give you Four Wheel drive [vehicle] but you know what; these people were lucky that I do not have big dogs in my house else I would have released the dogs for them to bite them,” Professor Martey added.

Listen to Prof Martey below.


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