GOV. FAYOSE | My name is Peter the rock, you hit me, you die, I hit you, you die

Ekiti state governor Mr Ayodele Fayose was featured LIVE on AIT Program, ‘People, Politics and Power’ with Odion Bello. Below are some of the things the governor said;

#FayoseOnAIT: Normally I speak to Nigerians on the court of public opinion. Fayemi called to congratulate after I won the election, he invited me to his office and said we were going to work together. Few days after he started playing to the gallery, they did everything possible to make sure I was not sworn-in, they said I slapped a judge, I have always said they should allow the judge tell the public if I slapped him.

If Fayemi feels like coming back, it is a legitimate decision, let him do that by first getting the ticket of his political party. If APC wins one local government in Ekiti come 2018, I will concede that election.

I was part of Fayemi’s victory in 2010, I was in exile then but spoke with teachers on phone to vote him, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu begged me at Bourdillion to work for Fayemi.

The Supreme Court said it can’t reverse itself when Segun Oni approached it to do so.

I have never met the Supreme Court justices who said Fayemi begged them to give judgment against me in his favour, such should not be taken for granted.

I immortalised Fayemi’s deputy by erecting a befitting edifice in her name, we did this for posterity.

My name is Peter The Rock, you hit me, you die, I hit you, you die. They will meet me in Ekiti, they should forget about hijacking Ekiti, the power of the people is greater than those of us in power. The people are on my side.

The federal government will not obey the judgment that they should defreeze Patience Jonathan’s account. Till today they didn’t obey the judgment in my favour, I have only been able to withdraw from my account just once.

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