Greek Ambassador To Brazil Murdered By Wife’s Lover


Kyriakos Amiridis vanished without a trace on Boxing Day, when he left the home of his wife’s relatives in Rio de Janeiro and never returned. The man Ms Amiridis was believed to have been having an affair with is reportedly a military police officer who works at a police base situated in a local slum.

Military policeman, Sergio Gomes Moreira Filho, reportedly confessed to killing Kyriakos Amiridis in the apartment where the couple were spending Christmas, after he had reportedly caught him in bed with wife, Francois Amiridis.

Filho then used the ambassador’s own hire car to remove his body before setting it alight under an highway underpass. Amiridis and his Brazilian wife had been together for 15 years and have a ten-year-old daughter.

Investigators believe that Ms Amiridis may have paid a contract killer to murder her husband after he discovered her infidelity. The charred remains of Mr Amiridis, 59, were found on Wednesday underneath an overpass in the city.

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