Harassment Of Atiku’s Lawyer: Buhari’s Last Desperate Act As A Dictator By Dede Amadi

Less than 6 days to Nigeria’s Presidential elections, postponed from February 16, Nigerians once again are witnessing a taste of what another 4 years of power would be in Buhari’s Nigeria after the home of the lawyer to the frontline candidate for the opposition party Atiku Abubakar was illegally searched by officers of the Economical and Financial Crimes Commission on Monday evening. While nothing incriminating has been found in the official residence of Atiku’s Counsellor after a thorough search by the EFCC, it is worthy to note that this search is just another example of the disrespect and disregard of human rights and the rule of law, by this administration. Recall that Dasuki and Sheikh Zakzaky have spent over 3 years in detention, due to the government flouting the orders of several competent courts of jurisdiction. The constant disobedience of court orders have unwillingly weakened Nigerian’s faith in the Judiciary.  As what many would call a desperate last move, the EFCC’s unauthorized and unwarranted search of Atiku’s lawyer’s home is an indication that the APC are sensing a large defeat by numbers on Saturday and are willing to destabilize the opposition’s candidate. Further intelligence from sources suggests that the EFCC intends to arrest and detain several members and stake holders of the Atiku Presidential Campaign Organisation regardless of the results of the postponed poll. Dede Amadi writes from Abuja

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