Hate Speech Bill an attempt to enslave Nigerians – Wole Soyinka

Africa’s first Nobel laureate in literature, Prof Wole Soyinka, has called on Nigerians to resist the new bill by the senate to hang offenders of hate speech.

He spoke at an ongoing conference organised by Ripples Centre for Data Investigative Journalism at Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi Lagos.
While expressing displeasure on the current situation of the country, he advised that concrete efforts needed to be made to safe Nigeria’s future.

Soyinka lamented on the future of Nigeria nation, judging by its trend of leaders who have forced its citizenry into perpetual and compulsory slavery.

“A fundamental problem of this nation is that we are not looking through the mirror. While we are still battling with the new culture of kidnapping, armed robbery and all that, the Senate has worsened our case with the new bill to hang us if we make speech.

“This is another attempt to silence criticism. I call on Nigeria to resist this law.”

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