Investigation | Presidency behind Chinakwe Joachim’s ordeal

The Dog who hurt The Emperor

The Ota Magistrate court 2, of Ogun state on Monday remanded the man who named his dog Buhari, Chinakwe Joachim Iroko at the Ibara Prison following his arraignment. Chinakwe was charged by the police with “conduct likely to cause breach of the peace” .

These are the facts about the case that are widely known. But there is a little twist to it and journalists have began to ask questions.
Why is the AIG personally interested in the case?
Why the hurry to serve justice on a domestic issue that could easily be overlooked?

Earlier sources had revealed that the dog named Buhari did wear its name tag and the owner, Mr Joachim was arrested and asked to remove the name from the dog as an agreement subsequent to his release. Mr Joachim had honored that agreement and had indeed removed the name tag and was going back to live his normal life in the great economic depression of Nigeria as everyone else was. But that would not be, a little bird had whispered the gossip to the butlers at Aso rock who had turned it to a house joke until it finally fell on the ears of the Presidential aides, the President on a lighter note has just had his ears repaired.

A trusted source in Aso rock has revealed that the Presidential aides were enraged by the news and had ordered his assistants to get the IG of Police on the phone immediately. The source also revealed that the over zealous Presidential aides had contacted the IG and requested that he (the IG) personally sit on the case and requested the dog owner to be rearrested, detained, charged and subsequently jailed for the “abuse” on the President’s name. The IG, in turn, in order to avoid the media backlash that would come to him on sitting directly on a case that had allegedly embarrassed the name of the President, ordered his AIG to sit on it personally. The dog named Buhari was murdered at the orders of the Presidency. It was an innocent animal, guilty of sharing the same name with the President and wearing it proudly on its collar. The owner in turn, will spend some quality time at Ibara prison to learn his lesson the hard way and we hope that it is the only punishment he is made to serve.

In a time where crime rates are increasing due to economic hardship, it is rather disappointing that the Presidency and the police have channelled their resources to the prosecution of a man who named his dog Buhari. It is however clear that the APC Presidency cannot tolerate criticism or slander being the chariots they rode on happily in the road to 2015 general elections.

Finally, it is extremely shameful that the Presidency is so paranoid about the President’s popularity that he will not allow a mere puppy taint it. This presidency has shown a good number of times that they’re more interested in protecting the President’s social and political image than anything else and would go any length. The Aides to the President have once again shown themselves to be ego massagers of the President, quelling any threat, remote or immediate to the image of the President at the expense of injustice and gross impunity.

As at this time, we are yet to confirm if the President is aware of the situation but we will keep our readers updated on any developments.

We are watching.

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