JUST IN: UK police have arrested three men on suspicion of manslaughter over Leicester explosion that killed five people

Three men have been arrested over an explosion in Leicester that killed five people, The Mirror UK reports.

The cause of the explosion and fire which took place on Sunday evening is currently being investigated by police and officers have now arrested three men on suspicion of manslaughter.

The men, all in their 30s, have been arrested this evening and are being questioned by detectives.

One man comes from East Anglia, the second from the North West of the country, and the third from the East Midlands.

No further details are being released about these individuals at this stage.

Leicestershire Police said: “We acknowledge that the terrible events of Sunday night in Hinckley Road have attracted significant public, political and media interest.

“However, in the interests of the ongoing investigation, and out of respect for the families of those missing feared dead, and those who were injured in the explosion and fire, we request that the media and public resist speculating about the identities of those arrested, the circumstances that may have led to their arrest and the cause of the explosion.

“Whilst we will not disclose further details at this stage, we stress that there remains no evidence that the events of Sunday night are in any way terrorist related.”

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