KHADIJA AUWALU | I still have confidence in the president – Woman who named son after Buhari

Khadija Auwalu, a Jos-based housewife and mother of nine, has expressed confidence in President Muhammadu Buhari, six years after naming her son after the president.

Auwalu surprised many in 2011 when she went into labour while queuing to vote for then-candidate Muhammadu Buhari and then returned home to deliver a son. Few minutes later, she returned to cast her vote for Buhari.

Woman who named her son after Buhari says she still has confidence in the president

Woman who named her son after Buhari says she still has confidence in the president

Even though their candidate did not win the election at that time and the economic hardship continues to bite harder, Auwalu says she has no regrets she voted Buhari.

It was gathered that young Buhari, almost clocking six years now, is now popularly referred to as ‘General’ around the community.

Speaking to Daily Trust in her room where she lives atop a rocky hill around Yan Zuma area of Anguwan Rogo, Jos North in Plateau state, Auwalu says things have been difficult for her family.

She said: “But we knew from the beginning that we would have to exercise patience for things to turn around in this country, that in order to effect the change, we must make sacrifices and it is a sacrifice we are still willing to make. It takes a day or less to destroy something but it can take several years to build from scratch. Nigeria was in a very bad shape when President Buhari took over and I believe it will take time to fix the country.”

While defending the President’s policies on banning certain food items, Auwalu explained that for the first time in Nigeria, “We are consuming what we produce and farmers who were regarded as the poorest of our communities are beginning to earn a better living.”

She described the typical Nigerian as ‘very forgetful’, stressing: “It wasn’t too long ago that we were all suffering from the bomb explosions and many were dying, during those moments, we had food but who was eating? You cannot eat if you do not have peace of mind. But now that we have peace of mind, some of us are talking trash. I, for one, still believe in him and I am very optimistic that food prices will crash, and soon.”

However, the 35-year-old mother is worried that her eldest son who is 19, will be kicked out of school for failure to pay the N13,000 school fees.

“His father says he is looking for money for feeding, not school fees. That has been bothering me greatly,” she said.

President Buhari returned to Nigeria at around 7.40am on Friday, March 10, after an extended medical leave in London

He arrived 8.37 am at Presidential Villa and emerged from the Presidential Chopper 8.42 am.

His arrival comes 50 days after the president wrote a letter to the Senate seeking a ten day leave.

The president left the country on January 19, 2017 for a vacation, during which he had routine medical check-ups.

However, the holiday was extended based on doctors’ recommendation for further tests and rest.

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