Lagos State Launches Environmental Sanitation Corps

According to the government, the Kick Against Indiscipline Brigade has been transformed into the newly employed LAGESC corps members, which will ensure that environmental laws in the state are strictly adhered to.


While recalling the signing of the Environmental Management Protection Law which he performed in March 2017, Ambode said deliberate reforms to revolutionise the solid waste management sector in line with international best practice have been put in place through the CLI, and urged the people to support the government in its bid to transform the sector.


He said, “To roll back sanitation shortcomings and accelerate seamless cleaning of our environment, the Lagos mega city was in dire need of an enduring solution that would match the needed technology with the massive investment required for its attainment.


“It is this void that the CLI has come to fill by creating an environment for the private sector to harness international best practice in the vital area of solid waste management and consequently free public funds for other beneficial uses.


“As a result, residential waste collection and processing which is concessioned to a reputable and competent multinational waste services company is being given a new lease of life with 600 brand new compactors and 900,000 electronically tracked bins, while wastes generated by the commercial sector would be handled by licensed waste management operators (PSP).”


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