Lawyer calls on IG of @PoliceNG to Release @Adeyanjudeji Unconditionally (PRESS STATEMENT)



Gentlemen of the Press,

Welcome to our office the second time in one week concerning cases of illegal arrest and illegal detention but this time, it has to do with Comrade Deji Adeyanju and the Inspector General of Police.

On Thursday 13th December, 2018, Comrade Deji Adeyanju hereinafter called our Client who has been having running battle with the topmost hierarchy of the Nigerian Police over his protest in the Headquarters of the Nigerian Police on 28th November, 2018 for which he was charged to court and admitted to bail was invited to the FCT Police Command Headquarters to collect his handset that was seized by the police during the said protest.

That on getting to the Police Office and after collecting his phone, he was accosted by another Police Officer this time from Inspector General of Police Monitoring Unit Office operating in FCT Command. After arrest, our Client was confronted with already prepared questions from the police and was made to write statement.

That our Client who made Statement to the Police in our company vehemently denied the allegation and protested his arrest based on a matter that have been settled by a court of Law after 4 and Half years of harrowing trial in which our Client was discharged and acquitted by HON. JUSTICE A.M HALIRU of the then High Court of Kano State.

That despite the Statement of our Client, the Police instead of proving the guilt of our Client insisted on our Client proving his innocence by providing Certified True Copy of the said judgment exonerating our Client of Culpable Homicide Allegation.
That our Client who is sure of his acquittal went out of his way to produce a copy of the judgment and served same on the IGP this morning and a copy was also made available to the Investigating Police Officer in Louise Edet House through our Office.
That on receipt of the said judgment from us and on behalf of our Client, the IPO made a statement that made us to be curious and to know that something is fishing when he said the Police wants to revisit a case that has been decided by a competent court of Law and which case is now caught up with the long established principle of utre fois acquit which makes the case a dead issue that cannot be reawaken.

Based on the above we call on the Police to answer the following questions:

  1. Looking at the charge in issue, 4 People were involved viz: ALHAJI MUHAMMAD BABA (AKA KNIGHT), ADEYANYU CHARLES, MUSA MUSA DAURA and KABIRU ALI AHMAD; why did Nigerian Police arrest only Deji Adeyanju?

  2. Why did Police not conduct its investigation first to find out true position of things about this case that had already been decided in favour of our Client?

  3. Why did the Nigerian Police not arrest the 3 other People if it is sure of revisiting this dead issue?

  4. Why has the Police kept Deji Adeyanju incommunicado from His Lawyers and the Family members since when he was detained?

I call on the good People of this great Country to prevail on the police to respect the law of the land and refuse the bait to drag them into the politics of 2019 and release our Client that was arrested illegally and that has since been detained illegally since last Thursday 13th December, 2018.
The whole World is aware that our Client is a voice of the downtrodden and the oppressed who is only asking salient questions from the Authority towards a better Nigeria; democracy will die on that day the voice of opposition is no longer loud due to persecution and oppression like the one our Client is now going through.
God bless you all and long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

17TH DECEMBER, 2018.

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