LIFESTYLE | 1,500 people, 2 elevators and 500 tons of luggage — here’s how the Saudi king travels

The King will spend a few days in Jakarta and West Java before heading to the popular tourist island of Bali on the Indonesian leg of a month-long Asia tour that’s already taken him to Malaysia and which will also see him going to China, Japan and the Maldives.

For anyone struggling to wrap their heads around how that compares to your more traditional — if slightly meager by comparison — 40 pound luggage allowance, the average African Elephant reportedly weighs between 2.5 and 7 US tons.

According to Indonesian news agency Antara, King Salman is traveling with no less than 1,500 people — including ten ministers, 800 delegates and 25 princes — who traveled to Indonesia in 36 different flights over a period of three weeks.

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