MOSQUE TO SCHOOL | Junaid blasts Emir Sanusi, says ‘he talks from both sides of his mouth’

Junaid Mohammed has condemned a statement reportedly made by the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, on the conversion of Mosques to schools in Nigeria.

The former Joint House Leader of the defunct Peoples Redemption Party and Chairman of the foreign relations committee, said the Emir’s statement is mischievous and should not be dignified.

Junaid said he was not surprised at the Emir’s statement because he speaks from both sides of his mouth.

He said: “Ordinarily, I won’t dignify the statement credited to the Emir with any response because the Emir talks from both sides of his mouth.”

However, confirming that the number of Mosques in the Northern region of Nigeria surpasses educational institution, Junaid said the problem can be solved by building more schools rather than converting the existing Mosques.

Though, I agree that there are too many mosques all around and more functional schools need to be built, I don’t think converting a mosque or church to school is what will solve the problem,” Junaid said.

“I believe the issue of million beggars on streets in the North is what should have formed the basis of discussion and not the issue of converting mosques to schools,” he said.

While speaking at the graduation ceremony of 2,500 Post Graduate Diploma and Nigerian certificate in Education, the Emir of Kano while condemning the level of education in the North said Mosques should be converted to schools.

Sanusi said the conversion of Mosques to schools will boost educational level in the region.

If you look at our educational needs viz a viz the infrastructure deficit, it has become imperative to convert existing mosques to primary schools, and aside cost reduction in this era of recession, it would accelerate education development in the region,” Sanusi had said.

However, despite the condemnation, the Emir seems not to be alone in his recommendation as former Kaduna State governor,

Balarabe Musa reacting to the comment made by Sanusi said the Emir’s statement is in order.

Musa said: “I believe the conversion of mosques into primary schools is in order.”

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