Mother of H&M Child Model Sees Nothing Wrong With The Controversial Hoodie

The mother of the Child Model who was used by Swedish clothing-retail line, H&Mto promote a hoodies with a racial tone, has spoken out for the first time since the issue blew up.

Since the promotion hit the internet, it has generated a lot of controversies all over the world with quite a number of celebrities and influential people lending their voices on why the clothing retail line line shouldn’t have even thought of making such a controversial hoodie.

In another twist to the story, the mother of the little boy involved in the promotion, doesn’t in any way see anything wrong in the phrase on the hoodies.

Speaking via her Facebook page (Terry Mango), the mother explained that the shoot and promotions was just one of the many that the boy has been involved in and she does not think there is anything wrong with the hoodies.

See screenshots below:

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