NASS embark on 4-week holiday

The National Assembly comprising of Senators and Members of the House of Representatives yesterday embarked on a 4-week Christmas and New Year break.

The lawmakers are expected to be back on January 9, which is on a Monday, but plenary sitting will resume on the following day, being Tuesday.

It was observed that ahead of the break, the lawmakers were rushing to finish all urgent matters that needed legislative attention before next year.

It was observed that as part of the rush, the three newly elected senators and seven members of the House of Reps from Rivers State suddenly presented themselves for swearing-in at the end of plenary in both chambers.

In his remarks at yesterday’s plenary, prior to embarking on the break, Senate President, Bukola Saraki said from September to date, they have passed 64 bills for second reading.

“Just for this period between September, 2016 when we came in to this session till now, we have passed about 64 bills for second reading. Also between September 9 and now we have passed 18 bills. To give you an idea the entire May 2015 to September, 2016 we only passed 14 bills.
“In one and half years what we did in this three months surpassed what we have done in a year and half and concurrence with the House of Representatives we did about 34. This is truly very commendable and it won’t have been done without the support of everybody. I hope that after the break, that we truly all deserve we would come back to address the issue of budget and see how we can fast track and do it at the earliest possible time.

“I want to thank all committee members too in the oversight in all the things you have all raised to help us improving governance in this great country. As I said earlier, most importantly I commend your courage, I commend what you have been able to stand for and I know how difficult it is in this circumstances to do that and I am truly proud to be part if this Senate, “he said.
Also, in the House of Reps, it was observed that the Order Paper was filled with many items, numbering 23.

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