Nigeria Economy Rated Best In Africa – Forbes


A major research firm, Forbes Africa has rated Nigeria as the 2018 best economy in Africa.

It published its findings on the ten biggest economies of Africa with Nigeria topping the list.

According to Forbes, Nigeria came on top with $172 billion which was followed by South Africa with $166.735 billion.

Also on the list was Egypt as third with $78 billion, Algeria with $66, Lybia :$65, Botswana: $22.675, Ghana :$20.458 Morroco :$18, Ivory Coast :$11 and Madagascar with $6.766 billion.

The revival of Nigeria’s economy has gained momentum under the guidance of President Buhari’s ERGP programme; its ambitious targets yield results that seem to indicate that they will soon be superseded.

In spite of difficult times, Nigeria has been rated as the top 10 most improved economies in 2016/2017.

“Nigeria is a very resilient country in terms of economy,” states Mr. Venkatapathy Venkataraman Group MD at NIPCO.


Forbes rates Nigeria as 2018 best economy in Africa –

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