Nobody should try to remove Buhari in 2019. They’re stigmatizing the Fulanis – Miyetti Allah President

The National President, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore Socio-cultural Association, Bello Abdullahi Bodejo (Lamido Fulbe), has warned that nobody should try to remove Buhari in 2019, while adding that the Fulanis are being stigmatized.

He spoke to WILLY EYA of SunNews. On how he feels about how his tribe, the Fulani, is associated with killings, he said: “There is a long history of clashes between the Fulani and the farmers. .

Almost about 50 years ago, the Fulani and the farmers have been having clashes but the clashes were usually settled between the local chiefs and Fulani leaders but now since the last eight years, everything has changed. .

The whole thing has been politicized. In 2014 during the administration of GEJ, there were clashes in Benue, Plateau and Taraba states, but the media did not sensationalise it like what is happening now. In the present case, people are using all kinds of propaganda. .

Any time the nation wants to go into a general election, people would start all kinds of propaganda. They are using the media to stigmatise the Fulani. The problem is that the Fulani do not have access to the media. Many of them even stay where there is no network. .

So, any lies they tell about the Fulani, it is easy to believe because you have not heard their side of the story. This week, some people in Nasarawa killed people and over 70 cows and they said it was done by people from Benue. .

Who is inside the bush to know what is happening to the Fulani in the bush? Somebody would wake up, pick a newspaper, which carries only one side of a story and go with it.”

On whether the killings would affect Buhari’s reelection chances in 2019, he said: “Nobody should try to remove Buhari in 2019. All of us are behind Buhari; we have seen that they want to destroy the Fulani because of Buhari. .

We would not allow anybody to intimidate the FG or to take Buhari’s mandate; we would be ready to follow him and fight it. We are ready to do anything to ensure that Buhari comes back to complete the good work he is doing.”

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